IndustriesM & W Contractors is a multi-disciplined general contractor that self-performs the bulk of our work. We specialize in mechanical system installations for industrial processing plants. And while the majority of our projects have been in the areas of oilseed processing and biofuels, our capabilities are in no way limited to these industries alone. M & W has the skills, resources and desire to take on any industrial or general construction project.

Oilseed Processing

RefiningThe number of uses for soybeans and other oilseed crops is already vast, and growing rapidly. For more than 25 years, M & W Contractors has helped our customers make the most of the opportunities in this industry by bringing their products to market quickly—and affordably. This is accomplished by combining our knowledge and experience with efficient construction practices.

Preparation & Milling

Prior to recovering oil from the seed, the seed must be properly prepared. During the preparation process, the seed is heated, cracked, de-hulled, screened (separated) and flaked to expose a greater surface area for exposure to the extraction solvent. The entire process is performed with a large amount of aspiration to separate the seed components and to recover any dust resulting from the process.

Most preparation plants require a large amount of conveying equipment to transport the various seed components. M & W Contractors has more than 25 years of experience working in prep and milling facilities.

Crude Oil Extraction

Seed oil is extracted by one of two methods: mechanical (extrusion, press) or solvent.

Mechanical extraction is a relatively simple process in which the seed is squeezed to the point where oil is released. The process is generally safe, although it's routinely used for only small volume production, e.g., up to 1200 TPD depending on the number of presses used. Seed prep is not as extensive for mechanical extraction.

Solvent extraction, on the other hand, utilizes a chemical solvent (hexane) to remove the oil. The flakes produced during the preparation stage are bathed in the hexane to release the oil. The oil/hexane mixture (miscella) is then distilled to separate the chemical components. Next, the hexane is recovered for reuse and the oil is further purified. Solvent extraction is generally reserved for large production volumes (up to 5000 TPD depending on the number of extractors used) and is extremely dangerous for untrained and inexperienced personnel to complete due to the explosive nature of hexane.

Fortunately for our customers, M & W Contractors has experience building and working around both processes. Specifically, M & W has built or worked in more than 25 extraction plants accounting for 30,000-plus tons of daily production.

Crude Oil Refining

Our customers and other technology providers have created several different types of crude oil refining methods. Although these methods may vary, most incorporate similar processing stages, all of which M & W is familiar with. These include:

  • Degumming
  • Separation (centrifugation)
  •  Drying
  • Bleaching
  • Filtering
  • Deodorizing
  • Hydrogenation*

*Hydrogenation is rarely performed today due to its creation of trans fats and the heath concerns surrounding trans fats.


BiofuelsToday's fast-evolving biofuels marketplace is experiencing more competitive margins—and tighter delivery schedules. To meet these challenges head on, you need a qualified contractor with a proven reputation for delivering consistent results on schedule, safely and under budget. M & W is that contractor. With a wide range of experience with both the biofuel industry and the technology behind it, M & W is more than qualified to tackle your project.


M & W Contractors was on the ethanol bandwagon long before it was fashionable. In fact, for more than 25 years, M & W has had an ongoing presence at one of the largest ethanol plants in the nation, performing maintenance and completing special projects. That long-term experience, coupled with our talented craftsmen and skilled managers, enables us to be competitive in the construction of the latest generation of ethanol plants.

M & W has worked in over a dozen ethanol facilities producing more than 500 million gallons of annual ethanol production nationwide. We've performed a wide range of work in this industry, everything from general maintenance to thermal oxidizer installations to plant expansions and greenfield mechanical installations. We also have specialized experience in:

  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Separation
  • Drying (rotary and loop)
  • Fractionation
  • Oil Recovery


Since 2004, M & W Contractors has been at the forefront of biodiesel plant design and construction. So whether you're looking for a contractor skilled at installing the mechanical components at your plant—or a contactor that can offer a complete turnkey facility—M & W can meet your needs.

We typically collaborate with the customer-selected technology provider to build a complete, operational facility. To date, M & W has installed piping accounts for more than 250 million gallons of annual biodiesel production nationwide. Our further experience in biodiesel includes:

  • Batch processing (up to 30 MMGPY)
  • Continuous processing (up to 60 MMGPY)
  • Crude oil pretreatment
  • FFA systems
  • Methanol recovery
  • Glycerine recovery
  • Equipment procurement
  • Utility requirements
  • Storage and loadout
  • Site layout and value engineering for numerous facilities

Glycerine Refining
As the biodiesel industry expands, it's important to derive as much value as possible from both the primary products and the co-products. Crude glycerine, a result of biodiesel production, can be purified through refining to make Technical Grade Glycerine and Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine.

M & W Contractors has the capability to help your new or existing biodiesel plant harvest additional profit from value added co-products through the installation of a glycerine refining system.

Chemical Processing

Chemical ProcessingTo complement our oilseed processing and biofuels expertise, M & W Contractors is also active in the chemical processing industry. For more than 20 years, M & W has had an on-site presence at a chemical plant in Carpentersville, Illinois, in addition to other projects throughout the Midwest. We also have experience working in:

  • Resin plants
  • Adhesive facilities
  • Water/Wastewater treatment plants
  • Fertilizer plants

General Construction

General ConstructionM & W Contractors specializes is oilseed processing and biofuels, but our capabilities don't end there. With our skilled tradesmen and our ability to self-perform work, we're able to accomplish a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Ground water reclamation
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Industrial carwash facilities (rail and truck)
  • Loadout and receiving facilities (dry bulk and liquid)
  • Boiler housesTank farms
  • Packaging lines
  • Food grade systems and facilities
  • General plant maintenance
  • Demolition
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